“Introducing XRAY's first RTR kit, the XRAY M18 1/18 4WD Shaft Drive Micro Car. XRAY quality, now comes built in the box!

Combining the worlds most successful micro car, the XRAY M18 with the all new XRAY premium radio system and power pack truly create a world class RTR. Assembled in the European XRAY factory, its just like you built it yourself...... or better.

The RTR package includes everything you need to get your M18 on track in a matter of minutes. The fully assembled and electronics equipped car comes with a hand-painted, trimmed and decaled body. Body available in red or yellow color. Radio system is available on world friendly frequencies.”










Ok, all this above is true, but can you say FAST.. This thing handles like it’s on rails. It corners like nobodies' business, and its straight line acceleration is crazy fast. This, hands down is the fastest RTR I have ever seen. XRAY touts it is a Professional 1/18th scale RC, and I believe them. This can go from box to track with no problem. This winter when you need a break from slots, this might be something to look at, that is, if you have some experience as an RCer or are willing to challenge a learning curve.

Now the boring tech stuff. . .






Suspension - For the size, the suspension on the M18 is very very close to a 1/10th. The suspension has lots of features. The first thing you'll notice, of course, is the independent pillow ball suspension. Second is the multiple shock mounting positions for both the front and rear shocks. Great stock shocks.






Drive Train - Another feature that raises a few eye-brows is the shaft-driven drive train. The M18's drive system is that of a shrunken 1/10-scale systems. The motor mounts parallel to the center drive shaft. To secure the motor held to the chassis by a cool looking motor mount is used.







Xray has added their power pack to the RTR model. This consists of a speed controller, micro motor and of course a transmitter and receiver. They also include a battery pack that is rechargeable and fit for the XRAY chassis.







What word would use to describe the XRAY M18 RTR? Awesome!  Right out of the box it handles almost like it’s on rails. No matter if its carpet or asphalt. It does not feel like a small micro car at all. It's smooth acceleration, quick handling, fully adjustable everything, and has the feel of one of my 1/10-scale touring cars. If you haven't raced micros before because you thought they were toys, the M18 just will change your mind.







Wheelbase: 5.91 inches (150 mm)
Weight: .87 Lbs. (395 g)
Chassis Length: 8.46 inches (215 mm)
Chassis Width: 4.21 inches (107 mm)
Ground Clearance: .12 inches (3 mm)