Make Paper Structures, really Paper Buildings? How? You ask. With Model Builder software from Evan Designs, I reply. This is one of the most versatile building design software this writer has ever seen. It will work in any scale you tell it to, and then rescale. Working with your slot car track finding the right building to fill that empty spot can be a chore. Let’s face it 1/32 is not a popular scale for model makers. This is where Evan Designs comes in, all you have to do is dream up what type of building you want, and then in the simple user interface, build it. Their design screen is the most user friendly interface I have ever seen. It is intuitive, simple and straight forward graphical user interface (GUI) this computer geek has ever seen.








If you are patience challenged like myself, you will love the fact that you can download some basic building designs. They also have a complete gallery of free designs to edit and make your own, and yes they are all free.
"500+ realistic Materials in Model Builder to add to your existing structures, or for building interiors and detail work."

















I was going to go through a complete step by step instructional column, but they have even done that for me, and did a much better job than I could have ever done. So if you want to build custom buildings for your layout, add backdrops to fill voids between your custom buildings, or even put interiors in your current buildings this is the software you need, no let me rephrase that, you must have.


Other Fine software from Evan Designs:

The NEW Sign Creator has over 250 Road Signs and 50 Railroad Engineer Signs to choose from, over 300 high resolution scale-able Signs in all.

Choose your scale when you enter the program, and the signs will default to the correct size for your scale

If you are modeling from 1950 on to the present, graffiti was and is an increasingly common sight on structures and rolling stock. Graffiti has found its way out of the Subways and onto  Water Towers, Garages, Public Places, Wall Murals, and More.

This graffiti CD works as a plug-in for Model Builder. So you will need to have Model Builder to run this CD


Print all of the brick paper you need your track layout. It's an easy and inexpensive way to add great brick to your scenes