Associated are very well known for their products and quality, these attributes are found in the RC18T. The 18T can be used for racing, bashing or just plain old fun with the kids.

Out of the box I must say this car is a very well equipped RC, it comes with fairly good electronics, micro steering servo and a Super 370 motor will make the tires spin, with ease. The stock setup is pretty fast with a lot of torque, digger donuts are done with ease.







Drive Train:

A long blue aluminum drive shaft, delivers all the motor's power to the adjustable ball diffs.. With metal shielded ball bearings everywhere, the drive train spins really freely.










Four plastic oil filled shocks with coil over springs are used on each corner. Ride height can be quickly adjusted by adding or removing preload spacers. The front and rear shock tower has different mounting holes to fine tune the suspension.

All four a-arms can be installed in the front or rear or left or right. All suspension components are made of molded plastic with captured suspension hinge pins-no E-clips.





A C1016 steering servo provides bucket loads of torque and quick response time to keep wheels pointed where you want in any circumstance.

It’s a little loose in the steering and the softness of the servo saver. I have read up on this and Associated built it that way so it can take more abuse.












Associated gets four stars here. This is one of the best RTR batterys to come in a box period. A 7.2v 1100 NiMH battery pack that comes standard and they even include an overnight wall charger, this is truly RTR.




The RC18T includes some middle of the road electronics. The ESC, electronic speed control, is an Associated XPS 8023 Micro ESC with forward and reverse/brake.








A point that could be improved is the spur gear. Spur gear is exposed to dirt and rocks. Another improvement I would like to see is to change the battery charger to a quick charge.


I love how they made the Rx and the ESC two separate units.

The Bucket loads of torque in the motor that comes stock



This truck makes it easy for anyone to get into the RC hobby. It's fast, tough, affordable and all it’s a true RTR. The of RC18 line from Associated is a good choice for any newbie to the sport, and can be upgraded enough to make you a diehard racer. Come back soon for head to head show down between all the rc’s I’ve tested.




















Thank You Associated for this kick Butt truck, I will also be reviewing this with a lipo battery, so keep you eye open for that.......



With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols