This new Creative Masters model represents one of the most sought after muscle cars of the 1960s. It was developed by famous car tuner Don Yenko and sold through his selected dealerships around the country. With the support of Chevrolet, Don Yenko was able to order specially equipped Camaros that finished into the Yenko/SC.





  • Exact 1/20 scale
  • Sequentially numbered with photo etched plate
  • Limited to 1,300 pieces only
  • Flawless bright Yellow paint finish
  • True textured vinyl roof
  • Sharp Yenko/SC graphics
  • Photo etched emblems to give a proper "in-scale" appearance
  • Firestone Wide Oval tires
  • Rallye wheels
  • Detailed 427 Big Block engine with plug wires and heater hoses
  • Full engine compartment graphics including Yenko engine stickers
  • Cowl induction hood
  • Trunk details include lettered spare tire, hold down plate and instructions sticker
  • Soft seat and seat belt material for an authentic feel
  • Replica full size Yenko emblem
  • Certificate of Authenticity








The Creative Masters 1969 427 Yenko Camaro from Revell a truly worthy car for any muscle car collection.  The designers spent time and effort to create an almost perfect 1:20 scale rendition of this 60’s muscle car.  From the bright yellow paint job to the imbedded graphics this car looks and feel like it could be driven right out of the box.  The vinyl textured roof gives it a nice touch along with the push button door handles as well.  The engine compartment is filled to capacity as it was on this special edition model from Don Yenko



The interior shots of this car show just how much detail was put into this car.  The wooden steering wheel with the finger grips on the underside is just the beginning for this model.  The below dash mounted tach is perfectly detailed and highly visible as well.  The pedals line up nicely across the floor with the accelerator hidden by the brake pedal.  All of them are finely detailed as well the gauges mounted inside the dash.  The vinyl seats contain the Yenko SC emblem and the over head mounted seat belts add feel and power to this muscle machine.
















For those of you with an eye for detail that is not a fuzzy picture of the floor boards but actual carpet in the front and rear with the additional wear pad on the driver’s side.  The fold down seats and rear seat belts make you just want to climb inside and buckle up for a trip down the ¼ mile.  The shifter is perfectly placed and so is the shift diagram mounted on the console in between the seats.  As I said before the amount of detail on this model is incredible.













The engine compartment screams Yenko Camaro from the stickers on the valve covers to the Yenko logo across the fan cowling as well. It only takes one look to see the big block 427 in magnificent detail. The plug wires and heater hoses are well placed and allow you to look down inside to see the exhaust manifolds coming off the engine with precision and detail. The engine stands tall in the engine compartment and you can almost see it tilt as the accelerator is pushed to the floor to warm it up as it approaches the starting line. The front mounted Delco battery is clearly visible as well as the radiator cap complete with indentation. This is by far one of the most detailed engines I have found in the 1:20 scale.




The trunk on this model shows just how much detail Revell was willing to put into this model.  From the screw down rear tire holder to the jacking instruction as well as the caution sticker mounted on the trunk lid.  The raised letter tire sits perfectly in the trunk and by the way, forget about fitting a set of clubs in this trunk

















The paint and emblems on this car are what sets it apart from its normal Camaro brethren. The Yenko stickers and etched emblems on the rear quarter are excellent. I was not as impressed with the Camaro stickers on the front quarter or on the hood cowling. The stickers were peeling a little on the 427 sticker was hard to make out. This is one area where the manufacturers cut a few corners. For those buyers who like to handle their models take note of this problem because it would be a shame to lose the stickers or see them get ripped. The limited nature of this Creative Masters line coupled with the Yenko names makes this a car most muscle car collectors are going to want to buy. This is a top quality model which will surely not disappoint even the most discerning collector.





Thank you Bob for all of your input, You can tell you love this car...

A Frank and Bob production