In the diagram above, the same car can be seen at different scales. Scale is an indication of relative sizes. A 1:64 scale die-cast car is one 64th the size of the real automobile. Written another way, the real automobile is 64 times larger. Likewise, a 1:18 scale die-cast car means the real one is 18 times larger.

Look at the number after the "1". The larger the number, the smaller the vehicle is. For example, a 1:34 scale car is smaller than a 1:18 scale car.

Scale can be written with a colon or a slash. For example, 1:24 scale means the same as 1/24 scale.


















The image above is a sample of how detail differs by scale. In general, larger cars will be more detailed, look more accurate, and have more features. For example, many 1/18 scale cars have workable steering and some have spring suspension for the tires. Features and level of detailing will vary by manufacturer.