This 1/24th scale full Diecast is limited to 1667 pieces in each colour with a numbered certificate.The 351 engine is running twin four barrel carburettors on a semi hi- rise manifold with extractors and a lot of chrome under the hood.






There are a lot of trick details in this luscious Falcon that you see and notice when you look, and it's these details that make this car so special.
Two things attracted me to this coupe's fat, muscular lines: the Mad Max Interceptor and the iconic '73-'74 Bathurst race cars


Just one look at this car from Down Under and any serious collector would be impressed.  The first thing that stands out is the hand polished paint job.  If anyone has ever seen a superb lacquer paint job then they will certainly appreciate this finish. Not only can you see your reflection perfectly but tit is almost without any flaws.  When I lined this car up with several others in my collection the finish had no competition.  The sight lines on this car are also very nice as well.  One piece of equipment that is not on this car are wind shield wipers.  I guest hey figure if you are driving in the Outback you would have little use for them.
















The engine and underside of this car are extremely well detailed and to scale as well. The dual four barrels are the highlight of this 351 and the wires flowing back from the front mount distributor give it a nice look. The fan in the blue paint is clearly visible and contains a lot of detail. When you look underneath the detail is nice but could use a little less plastic. The transmission and drive shaft contain a lot of detail as well as the universal joint and rear end.
The interior of the car is well done but a little hard to make out with the solid black color scheme of the model I reviewed. The dials and gauges are in proportion and of course the car is a right hand steer as well. The seats are minutely detailed in vinyl and the plastic molded floor and pedals give the car a little bit of a generic look at first glance. When you take a closer look you can see that the designer spent his time on the other little details inside. The shifter and window cranks are well done as well as the directional lever and arm rest on the doors.







The back end of this car looks almost as nice as the front with a clean look and everything in exact detail. The tail lights fit in nicely and the chrome bumper is seamless as it flows across the back of this car. I do not think I would want to rear ended in this car but is sure give it a nice look.









This is a must have, that simple. Only a fool would pass this car up. To make a good comparison go out and get yourself the original Mad Max which is now available as part of a two cd package with Beyond  Thunder Dome.











In 1971, with the launch of the XA, the Falcon became a uniquely Australian car. There was no longer a US equivalent, the car was designed specifically for the local market.
Three years earlier, local Ford designers traveled to the US and spent most of the summer of 1968 working on the Falcon clay model. The design impressed
Detroit, which soon after gave the go-ahead for a design centre at Broadmeadows, Victoria.



An amazing thing happened in this review, Bob a bow tie man, and my-self a Ford man LOVE THIS CAR. I guess brother-in laws can smarten up…..


With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols































 XB Falcon
Production September 1973–July 1976
220,765 Units produced

Engine(s) crossflow Straight Six
3.3 L 200 in³ 130 bhp(97 kW)
4.1L 250 in³ 155 bhp (116 kW)

Cleveland V8
5.0L 302 in³ 240 bhp (179 kW)
5.8L 351 in³ 260 bhp (194 kW)
5.8L 351 in³ 300 bhp (224 kW) GT







The Ford Falcon is a full-size car which has been manufactured by Ford Australia since 1960. Each model from the XA series of 1972 has been designed, developed and built in Australia, however prior to this all models were re-engineered American designs. As a result of the longevity of its Australian production, the Falcon is one of the biggest selling names in world automotive history, selling over 3,000,000 in six generations to 2003, almost exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. As of July 2007, Ford sells upwards of 3,000 units per month.

In 1973 the XB Falcon ("The Great Australian Road Car") was introduced with a multi-function control stalk (indicators, high beam, horn) and saw the last of the much sought-after high-performance GT. Engine options were as before, but the 170 bhp six was dropped. Panel Van and Utility trim packages, "Surferoo" and "Surfsider" respectively, were introduced.

the XB had a wild card up its sleeve that would boost its popularity for decades to come - it became a movie star and kept the rest of the world guessing and scratching their heads for years. Sure, other Australian cars had been in movies before but this was the first to achieve global 'superstar' status and gain a world-wide cult following. Even today there are people in love with this car - although many still don't know what it is. The movie of course is Mad Max, and the car is the black Mad Max Interceptor.