1958 Plymouth Belvedere - Limited Edition
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Approximately 8 3/4" (22.2 cm) in length. Scale 1:24



There was no mistaking the ’58 Belvedere for anything else on the road. And there will be no mistaking this model for any other in your collection. The upward angle of the molding, the full wheel covers, front fender-top ornaments, even the push-button gear selector on the dash—it’s all here in a model that must be experienced to be believed!
Limited Edition of 2,500





This Mopar blast from the past and is a good representation of the 'Retro" era. The overall  paint is good and the bumper extensions are a great touch. I was unable to verify the front lower bumper connector below the license plate as a factory installed piece. Also any pictures I found of the Sport Coupe had distinct turn signal lenses ,centered above, the headlights.














The headliner area is well done with correct interior lights. The dash instrument cluster is well done with the correct push button drive, parking brake lever and steering wheel. The seats fold forward correctly, Although I would like to see more attention paid to this area as you can see in the photo above.





The doors function easily with a realistic firm pull. The driveline and exhaust are a good representation and seem to be well done. The suspension is complete with coil springs and torsion bars spot on the original . The rear shocks, could of had more detail. I should also mention the fender skirts and full wheel covers are accurate . The engine compartment  is done very well and looks totally correct. The MOPAR sticker on the battery is a great touch. Overall not not a bad piece.










Their were five body styles that the 1958 Belvedere was offered in.  Various options the buyer could choose from included the engine size (V8 or 6 cylinder) and exterior trim package (Sportone side trim filled with either a contrasting paint color or silver anodized aluminum, chrome bumper wing guards, stainless steel wheel covers) among many other things.








Introduced on March 31, 1951, the 1951 Plymouth Belvedere arrived as a two-door pillarless hardtop. It was Plymouth's first vehicle of such design and was built in response to Chevrolet's Bel Air. That vehicle, the first two-door hardtop in the low-priced American market, was introduced in 1950 and ended that model year with great success.

The 1951 Belvedere was not a separate model - rather, it was the top-trim Cranbrook. Being built on that car's 118.5 in (3010 mm) wheelbase gave the two-door Belvedere very favorable proportions. Powering the Belvedere was the familiar flathead 6-cylinder engine. Displacement was 217.8 in³ (3.6 L), the compression ratio was a relatively low 7.00:1, and output was 97 hp (72 kW) (SAE gross). First year prices started at US$2,114.



















 The engine compartment  is done very well and looks totally correct. The MOPAR sticker on the battery is a great touch.





The Belvedere would once again return as a top level trim for 1958. Styling was evolutionary from the sleek 1957 models. Quad headlights were new, as was a big block 350in V8 with dual four-barrel carburetors dubbed "Golden Commando."

After the Plymouth Fury was expanded to become Plymouth's top model in 1959, the Belvedere was demoted as the middle priced model.







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