They Hit this one out of the park.....

1969 Chevrolet® Chevelle® SS® 396

Approximately 8 5/8" (21.3 cm) in length. Scale 1:24.



1969 Chevrolet Chevelle History

The Chevelle was introduced on September 26, 1963 as a mid-sized vehicle for the Chevrolet fleet. It was basically a smaller version of the Impala. The Chevelle was built atop a new A-frame platform and had a 112 inch wheelbase. The SS 396 became an option package for the Chevelles in 1969. By the end of the year, the 396 was increased to 402 cubic inches. A limited number of 427 cubic-inch power plants were offered. With over 86,300 vehicles sold in 1969, the Chevelle SS was gaining ground in the popularity battle.

For 1969, the SS 396 became an option package on all Chevelles. Therefore, it was possible to order the SS 396 package on everything from the Malibu sport coupe (the most popular) and convertible to the Chevelle 300-series hardtop and pillared coupe and the El Camino pick up. All Chevelles got new styling which included new tail lamps. The 396 returned in 325, 350, and 375bhp tune but still suffered from poor handling and four-speed linkage. Late in the 1969 model year, the 396 was bored out to 402 cubic engines, reportedly to meet new emission standards.

The official name and power ratings were not changed and the Chevelle SS remained one of the most popular muscle cars of the era. Of particular interest to drag racers was the availablity of a number of limited edition Chevelles. Known as COPO Chevelles, these Chevelle's were specially ordered from the factory by certain dealers or well- connected customers with standard L72 427 V8s rated at 425bhp. An estimated 323 Chevelle COPO 427s were built, all of which were often devoid of badges or other indications of the power that resided underneath.


















nothing like the real thing baby...



The 1969 Chevelle SS 396 is a one of a kind masterpiece put together by Franklin Mint.  From the time you open the box to the time you put it up on the shelf this is one fantastic car.  The level of detail on this model is top notch.  The pin striping is perfectly straight and line up perfectly on the doors and the SS decals are in perfect position as well.    Upon closer inspection you will not find any flaws in the paint or any detail missing from the exterior.














The engine in this model is truly amazing.  Not only did they include the standard wires and heater hose but they also put in the vacuum lines for the master cylinder as well.  The turbo jet sticker displaying the 375 HP is clearly visible on the air cleaners as well as the 396 decal.  The battery has the authentic Delco etching and the window washer tank has a line running from it as well.  The design engineers on this project did not overlook even the smallest details.




















As you open the door the interior is just as finely crafted as the outside.  The fold down seats have the original buttons available where the fabric was held together and the lap  belt s are aligned level with the seat and its mate is draped nicely along the console.  Most of us are drawn to the long shifter standing almost upright in the center console.  The gages and controls on the dash are all authentic although a little hard to see with the naked eye at this scale.  They are all perfectly proportioned along with the gas, brake, and clutch pedal.  This model is carpeted but the Franklin Mint went one step further and included a complete set of matching floor mats.  This adds another layer of detail to this model.


























The underside of this car contains a large amount of detail as well.  The first thing that caught my eye was the inclusion of metal brake lines.  The lines are not only correctly placed on the undercarriage but they also fit into the wheel cylinders as well.  This was a nice additional detail for this car.  As you continue to look at the underside of this car you will notice the rear shocks and the detail that has been used on the starter as well.



















Franklin Mint has lived up to its reputation for producing precision models with this limited edition Chevelle SS 396.  I am truly impressed with this car and it is a must have for any serious collector.  I hope that they use this car as the standard for all their future production runs. 




Thank you Bob for your insight and Knowledge of Chevy's....


With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols