The Franklin Mint 

1970 Z28 Camaro

The 1/18th 1970 Z28 Camaro from the Franklin Mint is a car that tantalizes the eye and brings you back to the era of muscle cars and horsepower.  The cars lines are clean and straight and it has the balanced stance that was so hard to find in other cars of that time.  The paint and chrome work are excellent as well as the tinted signal lights in the front.  The deep dish wheels and raised letter tires scream muscle car for the true enthusiasts.

The interior is very well done with cloth seats and the faux wood dash and door panels.  The four speed shifter is well proportioned while the emergency brake is a little oversized and not recessed enough.  It seems safety is a big concern for the folks at the Franklin Mint with all four of the seat belts displayed on the seats.  The fisher body stamp is displayed inside both doors on the running panels to give it that GM feel.  The doors open nice and wide and the single hinge works exceptionally well.

For the designers at the Franklin mint the focus most certainly was on the interior and engine compartment.  If you are like me however you have to take it off the stand to examine the exhaust and underside of the engine.  The detail is good enough but the large amount of plastic used detracts form the rest of the car.  It seems that they spent their time and money on the parts of the car that would only be seen on the stand.  A little more time and some more metal would have added to the overall appeal of this car.

The motor and the attention to detail are by far the best part of this car.  The motor is richly detailed in both color and authenticity.  The chrome air filter with the 350 logo is prominently displayed as well as the tags on the front of the motor and radiator cover.  The radiator hose is bent perfectly and made out of rubber as well as the plug wires.  The wires are draped across the motor in typical Chevy style.  The exhaust manifolds run of the sides of the motor true and straight just like they were when they came of the assembly line in Detroit.