If this original illustration by Boris Vallejo dosen't get your blood pumping your dead!!!!!

This Car is on the edge of being Erotica More Below..........

The Mistress of Fire Cobra 427 S/C™ Part Number: B11A749 Availability: Available Now Approximately 6 1/2" (16.5 cm) in length. Scale 1:24.


First off, let me say this car is hot! The paint, the deep rich colors, the level of detail, all are just over the top.

This car is a beautiful reproduction of the original car, the sprit of the AC Cobra lives in this model. This is not an exact scale reproduction of the car, as the measurements are slightly off. They are not off in a major way. They are lacking a mm here and over a mm there, nothing the naked eye could pick up on and I really hope you do not measure this car, let me do that. Just enjoy the shear beauty of it’s art work.


The interior is very well done, the Cobra was not known for its creature comforts, and this die-cast shows that very well. Cobras did come with all the needed gauges; these were well placed and easy to read. This die-cast shows that very well, the Mint should get accolades for this dash panel, it is so easy to try to add misguided pizzazz to a die-cast. The Mint steers clear of this faux paux that others indulge in


The 427 is the engine in this model and it is truly amazing. Not only did they include the standard wires but they also put in the vacuum lines for the master cylinder as well. The 427 sticker is correctly displayed on the valve covers. The air cleaner also has exacting detail. The battery has the authentic printing, and the correct amount of caps. The design engineers on this project did not overlook even the smallest details. This motor is a perfect TEN………………………

This is a die cast you have to see to believe, the rich colors the fine details in the paint schema, I really don’t know how this paint job could be mass produced (really not that many) and at this point I don’t care, I am just glad I have one .