1965 Pontiac GTO Hurst Edition

The Special Edition 1965 Pontiac GTO Hurts Edition from Maisto was sharp looking model in the 1:18 scale. The car sat nice and straight and the black and blue color combination caught your eye. The Hurst decals and symbols were prominently displayed on this model and give it that “special edition” feel. The front end and grille on this model was very well done and was balanced off by the molded rear fender and tail lights. The chrome rims for this model had the Hurst emblem in the center instead of the traditional Pontiac logo. The independent spring suspension for all four wheels kept the car level straight when the terrain was uneven.
The interior of this car was extremely well done. The gauges on the dash sat nicely inside and were lined up perfectly straight across. The gas pedals along with the clutch and brake pedals line dup squarely across the driver’s side as well. The low slung front seat had the stitching which was so common to keep the passengers from sliding off when the car left the line. The key element to the interior of this car was the signature Hurts shifter and tachometer on the center console. It is just not a Hurst without the long shifter handle and white porcelain knob with the shifting pattern on it. For a minute or two I wanted to reach inside to see if I could actually move the shifter. It does not move so please do not try it!
The engine in this model is not real impressive with only a small amount of detail included on the top side of the engine. The triple carbs add a nice touch as this model was also available with a four barrel carb. I like model for its interior detail and overall muscle car look. It is priced right for almost any collector and certainly should be seriously considered as an important edition to the American Muscle Car lineage.