MotoGP; is there a more breathtaking form of racing than MotoGP?? Wheel to wheel at incredible speeds, coming out of a corners at 160k + on one wheel, would you do it?

The close as I will ever get is this die-cast motorcycle. Maisto has made it and it is an exquisite copy of Nicky Hayden’s 2006 winning ride.

The quick fill cap is well done.

One wheel coming out of a high sped corner, this is just the coolest photo I could find to show how well the sponsor details are true to the original.

The level of detail in this low cost replica is astounding. The tampo printing and decaling is very well done, with clean edges and sharp color and separation lines.

There is no bleed over of colors in the paint scheme. For such a low cost die cast, they have done a fine reproduction of the original

The lip and angle of the wind screen is not true to the original bike, but still looks very good….

I am a racing nut so this will be displayed proudly on my shelf, is this a high end collectable, or an exacting detailed and perfect to scale replica? No, but I know Maisto was not trying to do that. These are for a collector die cast who wants a copy for display to handle and admire, not to encase in glass and destined to reside forever in a die cast shrine of motor cars…

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Thanks to Maisto for the Bike...